Engineering and IT Jobs in China 2023

Engineering and IT Jobs in China 2023: China is currently a global industry where engineers and IT professionals can make a fortune. In 2023, thousands of Chinese industries will be hiring engineers and IT specialists. Therefore, you should take a chance and create a flawless CV to apply for engineering and IT jobs in China.

China’s ever-expanding economy offers tens of thousands of employment opportunities to international job seekers. To obtain a work visa and permanent residency in China, however, applicants must have some work experience and a job offer in China.

List of Engineering and IT Jobs in China 2023

China is presently a global industry in which engineers and IT specialists can amass fortunes. In 2023, tens of thousands of Chinese industries will be seeking engineering and IT professionals. Therefore, to apply for engineering and IT jobs in China, you should create a flawless curriculum vitae (CV).

International applicants who wish to work in China have access to tens of thousands of employment opportunities, as China’s economy continues to grow. In order to obtain a work visa and permanent residency in China, however, applicants must have some work experience and a job offer from China.

IT Jobs in China

China’s technology industry is one of the fastest-growing market sectors, making it an excellent place for software developers and other IT professionals to seek employment, such as computer network architects, IT project managers, web developers, information security analysts, and computer systems analysts.


The easiest and best way for an international applicant to find employment in a Chinese company is to apply at a company that is qualified to hire foreigners. Once you have received a job offer from the company, they will be able to assist you with the visa application process, and you will eventually be able to obtain a residence permit that will allow you to work in China.

Engineering and IT Jobs in China 2023
Engineering and IT Jobs in China 2023

Engineering Jobs in China

Foreigners can find ample employment opportunities in China’s engineering sector. This is due to China’s increased industrialization, which has resulted in numerous engineering job openings.

China’s engineering firms can be divided into four broad categories: civil engineering and construction, energy, shipbuilding, and computer engineering.

CGC Overseas Construction Group, China Railway Seventh Group, Beijing Construction Engineering Group, China Machinery Engineering Corporation, China Road and Bridge Corporation, and China Aluminum International Engineering are among the leading firms in the civil construction and engineering industry.

Power grid corporations of China, Beijing Jingneng Thermal Power, China Huaneng Group, China Shenhua Energy Company, Datang International Power Generation Company, Panjang Coal and Electric Power Group, China General Nuclear Power Group, China National Nuclear Corporation, China Sunergy, Topray Solar, China Power New Energy Development Company Limited, and China Three Gorges Corporation are among the top Chinese engineering companies offering employment.

The Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Company, the Chinese Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, and the Chinese State Shipbuilding Corporation are examples of different shipbuilding companies.

Applicants can seek employment in computer engineering at Seioglobal, the Electronic information industry in China, TENCENT, the Software industry in China, BAIDU, and Dalian Hi-Think Computer Neusoft Corporation.

The applicants must possess a bachelor’s degree in engineering in order to be eligible for Chinese jobs in these companies. Having a Ph.D. or a master’s degree in a specific field will naturally increase your chances of securing a higher-paying position with a globally renowned organisation.

When it comes to the Chinese Work VISA (Z Type), the majority of engineering firms will handle the visa application process and provide housing allowances and healthcare packages. However, not all companies provide this service, so it is possible that you will need to find housing on your own.

In spite of this, a career as an engineer is an excellent option in China, as well-established engineers earn approximately 24,700 CNY per month. Assistant chief engineer (29,700 CNY per month), automation engineer (28,500 CNY per month), biochemical engineer (24,500 CNY per month), civil engineer (27,100 CNY per month), communications engineer (28,900 CNY per month), electrical engineering manager (36,900 CNY per month), and field engineering manager are among the highest-paying engineering job titles (salary: 41,800 CNY per month).

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