Health Insurance

If you need a doctor, you will be helped quickly and cheaply in Germany. The Federal Government’s portal explains the health insurance system. Keep abreast of the latest health news and developments by reading Pacific Prime & weekly-updated blog.

  • Want to Live Longer? Diet and Exercise Are Key

    Do you exercise regularly but eat unhealthy food? Or does a healthy diet fuel your sedentary lifestyle? According to a recent study, healthy exercise and diet are vital to living longer. However, you’ll need to incorporate the two to make the most of your years. While diet and exercise can individually help you live longer, the most significant change comes…

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  • Which countries have the best healthcare in the world?

    When determining whether a country has the best healthcare in the world, one must consider multiple aspects, such as pricing, accessibility, etc. However, some factors, such as affordability and coverage, are more vital than others. This Pacific Prime article will take a closer look at six major countries that offer the best healthcare in the world in 2022. Wonder how…

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